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from (meta)genomes to

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16 - 22 August | 2009 | Shanghai| China

About the Practical Course


This PhD student and postdoc course, the third in a successful series, has the ambitious goal to introduce advanced methods and applications of computational biology in the field of metagenomics.

The aim of metagenomics is to clone, sequence, identify, and analyze the collective genomes of microorganisms of a given environment to reconstruct and characterize individual community inhabitants.

An essential bottleneck of metagenomics projects is data analysis – e.g. rapid increases in sequencing data cause novel algorithmic challenges.
In this course, we will primarily teach the integration of data from distinct experimental sources as well as the formulation of biological hypotheses for gaining insight into biological processes.


Therefore, data will be explored at different scales from DNA sequence reads that measure genomic variation to gene regulatory networks, protein complexes, pathways, and the integration of environmental data.


Furthermore, novel strategies for generation of biological hypothesis need to be explored to make sense of very large datasets and correlate them with external factors, such as with environmental parameters in the case of free-living communities, or with human genotype/phenotype data in the case of commensals.


We strongly encourage accepted applicants not familiar with the UNIX operation system to study and/or complete the tutorials 1-5 at the site: prior to attending the course.


We look forward to seeing you in Shanghai!

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