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Structure and Dynamics of

Biomolecules by NMR Spectroscopy






21 - 30 September | 2009 |Rosario| Argentina

About the Practical Course


Deadline for applications:  July 30th, 2009


Structural Biology plays a fundamental role in defining the function and interaction networks of biomolecules. NMR is a major technique in Structural Biology, since it allows the elucidation of the 3D structural of biomolecules in solution, as well as their dynamic features.

This practical course is aimed to provide the basis for the state-of-the-art applications and breadth of this technique.



1. Heteronuclear NMR and Triple Resonance Experiments
2. Multidimensional data processing and analysis
3. Resonance assignments
4. NMR parameters and their use as structural restraints
5. Relaxation and Residual Dipolar Coupling
6. Structure calculation and evaluation
6. NMR of protein and Nucleic Acids
8. Paramagnetic Proteins. Natively Unfolded Proteins


The program of this course includes a description of the methodological basis of NMR for data acquisition, processing and interpretation.

Applications to the determination of structures of proteins and nucleic acid will be included, as well as studies of the dynamic features of biomolecules.

Practicals include experiments at the spectrometer, and use of different programs.



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