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Currently viewing: 17 - 22 June| 2007 |Fréjus| France

About the Workshop

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Over the past few years, a variety of new discoveries have been made in the field of DNA topology and its control by topoisomerases, attracting interest from disciplines as varied as single-molecule biophysics, biochemistry, chemistry, structural biology, genetics, and clinical science. The workshop is intended to unite experts from all these disciplines and to hopefully spark a lot of interactions and collaborations amongst the participants.



The Plenary Lecture "The passage of time: Four decades of topoisomerase studies" will be given by James Wang

The following topics will be presented in morning and afternoon sessions:

Session 1 on Topoisomerase IB: Cellular roles and implications for targeting
Session 2 on DNA Topoisomerase IB: Structure and drug action
Session 3 on DNA topology and topoisomerase function
Session 4 on Topoisomerase poisons: From single molecules to the clinic
Session 5 on Topoisomerases and tyrosine recombinases
Session 6 on Type II enzymes: structure and chirality sensing
Session 7 on Structure and function of type IA enzymes
Session 8 on Topoisomerase IB: Enzyme Mechanism and Drug Action
Session 9 on Topoisomerase II: Insights into enzyme mechanism


Two evenings will be dedicated to poster sessions.

In addition to the invited speakers we hope to add a number of short talks, chosen from submitted abstracts. These are likely to be by younger researchers who are making outstanding contributions in the field.

Up to 16 FEBS Youth Travel Fund grants will be available to eligible student/postdocs. These will cover the travel expenses and the registration fee (which includes accommodation and all meals).








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