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50 Years of X–inactivation Research

20 - 24 July 2011 | Oxford | United Kingdom

About the Workshop

X chromosome inactivation is a classical model for the study of epigenetic regulation of the genome through differentiation and development. The workshop will provide a forum to discuss recent progress in the field and will also celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mary Lyons ground breaking discovery, published in Nature in 1961.



Areas that will be covered include evolution and origin of dosage compensation, developmental regulation of X inactivation, Xist RNA and chromosome silencing, and X inactivation and disease. The mutually beneficial synergy between studies on X inactivation and other epigenetic models will be reflected in talks from leading investigators in related fields, notably genomic imprinting, DNA methylation, nuclear organisation, and non-coding RNAs.



The meeting, accommodation, meals and bar are all on a single site, St Catherine’s College, Oxford so there will be ample opportunities for participants to meet one another and interact. To stimulate active involvement of all participants, students post-docs and PIs, a number of submitted abstracts will be selected for platform presentations and generous time will be allotted to poster sessions. A number of social activities are planned and on Friday July 22nd there will be a celebration of the 50 year anniversary that will be attended by early pioneers of the field.





We look forward to welcoming you to Oxford!

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