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30 June - 2 July | 2010 |Amsterdam| Netherlands

About the Workshop

Satellite Workshop of the 7th FENS Forum of European Neuroscience

GABAergic neurons provide most of the inhibitory drive of adult networks and play major roles in the integrative properties of brain networks. Alterations of GABAergic signals are associated with major neurological disorders and GABA mimetic drugs are widely used as comfort moleculesand to treat several brain disorders.

A particular emphasis is brain maturation as it is now clear that alteration of developmental sequences –notably of GABA signals- impairs brain development leading to life long deleterious neurological sequels.


Sessions will focus on a description of universal developmental sequences of brain activity and ionic currents, alterations of GABA actions during development, genetic and molecular control of GABAergic neurons, mechanisms of neuronal migration, and how migration disorders produced by genetic mutations and/or environmental hazards lead to malformations and severe long term neurological diseases.



Parallel description of the physiological and pathological development of GABAergic networks in adults and developing brains are of interest to basic scientists and clinicians and this will be illustrated by this unique panel of expertise.


By covering a range of commonly studied human neurological disorders and placing GABA as a link, participants will be exposed to a wide range of experimental and clinical research and will gaina unique critical estimation of its importance and its limits. We expect to attract many MD and PhD researchers and organise the meeting to facilitate interactions between these domains.

We look forward to welcoming you to Amsterdam!

Y. Ben-Ari
Director of INMED



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