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16 -20 August | 2010 |Ascona| Switzerland

About the workshop


The development of simple multicellular organisms or organs is well suited for a systems biology approach since it is strictly consecutive and the result of more than 600 Mio years of optimization.  Moreover, the underlying biological processes are well understood genetically.

The basic framework of the pathways and signalling systems governing the development of multicellular organisms has been delineated by single gene mutational analysis.

This classical developmental genetic approach has, however, fallen short, for the most part, in providing insight into how individual organisms and organs acquire their specific sizes and shapes based on their individual genome sequences.


This systems biology problem is the next frontier not only in developmental biology but also in medicine. The solution requires new approaches and quantitative techniques derived from flanking disciplines such a physics, computer science, mathematics and engineering.


The goal of this conference is to bring together people from different disciplines to discuss the first progress in systems level approaches to developmental systems and to define the necessary tools required in the future.


- Modelling of morphogen gradients

- Physical forces on developing cells

- Quantitative approaches to cell signalling

- Omics approaches in development

- Systems genetics of development

We look forward to welcoming you to Ascona!

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