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27 - 31 March | 2010 |St. Jean Cap Ferrat| France

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Hedgehog is a key regulator that controls pattern formation but how Hedgehog-controlled gene expression is translated into cell behaviour and morphogenesis is still widely elusive.

Evidence indicates that a number of signaling pathways that cells use to communicate and pattern the embryo are redeployed in cancer stem cells. One of these pathways is the Hedgehog pathway. Hedgehog signaling is a key cellular communication pathway that is essential for the sustained growth and survival of many types of human tumors. It has been shown that inhibition of this pathway in a variety of human cancers prevents tumor growth and can eliminate tumors in mouse models.



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The workshop will focus on molecular mechanisms of Hedgehog signaling in model systems, in human cancers and cancer stem cells. It will provide a forum to discuss the most recent insights into Hedgehog-dependent control of cell proliferation and differentiation in processes that range from insect segmentation and limb formation to vertebrate neural tube development and bone differentiation.

Other themes will focus on discussing how Hedgehog signaling regulates stem cell homeostasis in adult tissues, and how persistent Hh pathway activity has pathological consequences in a number of cancers.

Hedgehog Secretion and Movement  
  Hedgehog Ligand Reception and Signal Transduction
  Hedgehog Signaling in Development and Regeneration
  Hedgehog and Primary Cilia
  Hedgehog in Cancer and Cancer Stem Cells
 Clinical Trials

The workshop will also cover a broad range of topics, from fundamental aspects of molecular and cellular biology to applied studies with clinical and social importance.

The main objective is to bring together a wide range of scientists, from cell and developmental biologists to cancer and clinical investigators, and to stimulate collaboration and communication.

As a means of rewarding scientific merit and excellence among the participants, we will be holding a poster competition.  The winner will receive a complimentary one-year subscription to EMBO reports.

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