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10 - 13 May | 2010 | Vienna| Austria

This EMBO Workshop is co-sponsored by the European Science Foundation (ESF)

The objective of this workshop is to favor scientific exchange between senior and junior researchers working in different areas of quality control at the RNA level and using different biological systems.

RNA quality control has only recently emerged as a new field
of RNA research and is now one of the most exciting areas of molecular biology. ESF will promote research on this cutting-
edge topic through the EUROCORES Programme RNAQuality.

RNA quality control is a dynamic area with many facets - it includes:
Nuclear degradation of RNAs resulting from inappropriate transcription or mis-processing (e.g., splicing, 3’-end formation...);
Identification of processes leading to the production of aberrant RNAs;
Degradation of hypo- or hypermodified RNAs as well as chemically damaged RNAs;
Degradation of RNA packaged in non-functional mRNPs;
Degradation of mRNA unable to encode functional proteins due to the presence of a premature stop codon, the absence of a stop codon, or inefficient translation;
Characterization of the enzymes and activities involved in these processes and their regulation;
Characterization of the pathways and signals orchestrating the recognition of aberrant RNAs and activating their degradation;
Localization of these processes in cells;
Intracellular localization of a certain subset of mRNAs;
Local protein synthesis at restricted sites within the cell, including tight regulation of translation and eventually local degradation of transcripts;
Integration of RNA quality control pathways with other cellular processes, consequences in multicellular organisms;
Development of strategies to suppress aberrant RNA production;

The RNAQuality workshop will provide a possibility to interact and learn more about the latest developments in this fast moving field while simultaneously offering newcomers the possibility to get an overview and discuss with specialists.

Key dates:

Deadline for applying to attend: 28th February, 2010

Notification of acceptance: 8th March, 2010
Payment due: 26th of March 2010
Workshop: 10th - 13th of May 2010


We look forward to welcoming you to Vienna!

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