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| 10-12 September | 2009 |Torino| Italy

About the Workshop


 This Workshop has been awarded the title: 'EMBO Molecular Medicine Workshop '09'

he workshop will mainly concentrate on the concept that cancer stem cells (CSCs) may usurp the natural xenophylic tendency of normal stem cells and exploit it to generate invasion and metastasis (the “invasive growth” programme).

In fact, because of their clonogenic and self-renewal properties, CSCs are plausible candidates for being the cell of origin of secondary tumours.


Recent findings related to the identification of stem cells in a growing number of normal and cancer tissues will also be discussed, together with an analysis of the signalling pathways and mechanisms that are responsible for maintaining the stem cells’ self-renewal capacity.



Again, deregulation of these signals is a common finding in human tumours, reinforcing the notion that cancer can be considered as a stem cell disease, and metastasis the endpoint of intrinsic stem cell properties


Widespread use of stem-cell-based therapies is still a long way off, but could one day be of benefit to vast numbers of patients, including those with cancer, neurodegenerative disorders and heart disease. One theme of the workshop relates to the possible use of normal stem cells in regenerative medicine and considers their role as potential biological vehicles for gene therapy interventions. From a different perspective, we will examine how CSCs, the constant source of neoplastic expansion, can be targeted and eradicated as an ultimate means to cure cancer


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