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26 Feb- 1 March | 2009 |Peebles| United Kingdom

About the Workshop

The specific purpose of the Workshop is to bring together both established and young investigators from diverse fields with a common interest in islet organogenesis, islet stem cells, islet regeneration and islet survival.

* Registration Deadline: 16th January 2009

 In selecting the invited participants emphasis has been placed on those who have influenced a paradigm shift over the last few years.

These would include (amongst other areas) novel insights into the nature and changing role of pancreatic stem cells during the lifetime of an organism, the challenges and successes of using embryonic stem cells as a model for studying islet organogenesis, and the development of novel approaches to imaging islets in vivo.


The importance of the workshop/course is that the knowledge gained may contribute to a better understanding of the b cell defects that are associated with diabetes mellitus. 

For example, in type 2 diabetes it is likely that an inability to maintain islet cell mass in the face of the hostile metabolic milieu associated with obesity may be a contributing factor in the development of the disease. Likewise, in type 1 diabetes strategies to differentiate embryonic stem cells into b cells for transplantation have been based on our current understanding of the developing pancreas in the mouse.  Moreover, the theme covered in the workshop will have implications for the survival of transplanted islet cells and the regeneration of residual islet cells that are often present in people with diabetes at the time of diagnosis.


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