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Currently viewing: 4-6 July | 2008 |Porto | Portugal

About the Workshop

*** Updated PROGRAMME now online ***


This workshop has been
awarded the title:

' EMBO Molecular Medicine
Workshop 2008'



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The way scientists are envisioning MHC class I molecules is changing.

The term “MHC class I” constitutes nowadays a big umbrella encompassing a variety of molecules that have been for many years classified according to their level of polymorphism into classical and non-classical.

However, the many molecules that lie down under the “MHC class I” umbrella can also be classified according to their ability to bind peptides versus lipids, their capacity to interact with the TCR versus NK receptors, the existence of an open versus a closed binding groove, their tendency to dissociate from ß2microglobulin and/or the peptide, their preferential expression in immune versus non-immune cells, to cite some. These changing views have been important to start understanding the pleiotropic nature of MHC class I molecules, to comprehend diseases that have remained a mystery for too long, and to unveil functions until recently unthinkable, such as regulation of neuronal development and plasticity.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers that have in common a basic interest in the biology of MHC class I molecules but are studying different, very often unrelated, aspects of the same molecules. The workshop will provide a forum to bring together distinguished scientists from around the world to review and discuss openly the latest progress and development in the biology of MHC class I molecules and to discuss future strategies to clarify the role of MHC class I in health and disease.

The workshop will be structured into five different sessions covering four major
themes as follows:

Session I:     
  Genetics & Evolution

Session II:     
Synthesis & Expression

Session III:  
  Functional Interactions I

Session IV:   
Functional Interactions II

Session V:     
Disease Associations

Five of the abstracts (one per session) will be selected for a short talk and the presenting author will be awarded a 500€ prize. *

* The five* 500 Euro grants have now been awarded.
(An extra award will be given from the remaining posters for a one-year subscription to EMBO Reports)

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