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Currently viewing: May 27 - June 1| 2008 | Hyères-les-Palmiers | France

About the Workshop


The EMBO Workshop will bring together investigators from different fields and disciplines and provide an occasion to integrate specialized visions of the organism into a broader perspective.


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Twelve sessions will deal with many facets of the biology of Chlamydomonas and related algae, with highlights on themes such as “Chlamydomonas and Medicine” or “Chlamydomonas and Energy”.

There will be no concurrent sessions because interdisciplinary interactions are one of the main goals of the conference.

The meeting will host three special invited lectures to highlight the interface between research on Chlamydomonas and other organisms.

Three poster sessions will complement to the oral presentations. Recent methodological advances will also be discussed in two round-table workshops (“The Genome”, “The Molecular Toolbox”).



The conference site, in a pine grove on the Mediterranean sea shore across from the “Golden Island” of Porquerolles, will surely be conducive to informal discussions and interactions.








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