Practical Course

European Molecular Biology Organization


High-throughput RNAi

and data analysis






June 27 - July 2 | 2010 | EMBL ATC | Heidelberg|Germany

About the Practical Course


The EMBO Practical Course will provide training in performing RNA interference (RNAi) screening experiments and in their data analysis. The focus will be on high-throughput RNAi screening methods in human and in Drosophila cells, and the associated methods for data analysis.


The course will be a mix of: lectures on all aspects of high-throughput RNAi analysis, hands-on training in the setup of screening experiments, and practical computer labs on data analysis and interpretation.


Participants will learn how to set up experiments for high-throughput screening experiments, using readouts such as luciferase assays and automated microscopy. 


Data analysis including normalization, quality control, statistical significance tests and pathway enrichment analysis will be taught in tutorials and practicals using R/Bioconductor software.

The course is aimed at PhD students and post-doctoral researchers who are currently using or plan to perform RNAi screens, or who want to analyze such data. 





We look forward to seeing you in Heidelberg!


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