Practical Course

European Molecular Biology Organization


3D Developmental Imaging






1 - 9 October | 2010 |Oeiras |Portugal

Programme (outline)


This is an intensive course with seminars in advanced topics with top-researchers in the field, demonstrations from equipment vendors as well as extensive practical sessions where the students will develop their projects and use the available equipment.


Topics addressed in seminars:

The practicals will include:


Microscopy/windows to development
Fluorescence & GFP
Multidimensional Imaging
Confocal and Multiphoton Microscopy


MicroMRI/CT imaging
OpenMicroscopy environment and Image-data management
Analysis of cell movement and tissue morphogenesis
3D Image Processing and analysis
Publication of 3D images/movies

Embryo/tissue culture and preparation
Fluorescence stereoscopes
confocal and multiphoton microscopes

widefield+deconvolution systems
automated image acquisition
3D image reconstruction and analysis software (free and commercial)


Five different projects will be planned and distributed to 5 groups (covering as many different models as possible) which will be distributed according to technical needs and equipment availability.

The equipment will either be run by the staff or students (preferably) and there will be senior scientists available to provide scientific and technical support constantly.

After image acquisition, the students will be trained in image management tools, image processing, and in using software for 3D image analysis and morphometrics. In the end the students will learn techniques to display and publish 3D images/movies, and will prepare a mini-talk as well as a short poster with their observations/results



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