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European Molecular Biology Organization


3D Developmental Imaging






1 - 9 October | 2010 |Oeiras |Portugal

Registration and Abstract Submission


Apply Online : HERE

Please read the information below before applying online above - thank you!

Deadline for application is June 15th 2010

The costs associated with the course are primarily covered by EMBO; this includes accommodation for up to 8 nights,
breakfasts, lunches, coffee and dinners.
* Participants are expected to pay for their own travel to and from Lisbon.

Limited Travel Grants

EMBO is providing also a limited number of travel grants (circa 4 in total) to facilitate the attendance of young scientists to this practical course. Selection of the candidates will be based on the quality of the resumee/project submitted. These travel grants are restricted to young scientists working in geographical Europe with the exception of Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland.

Travel grants will be awarded up to a maximum value of 400 EUR per participant. This grant is intended to be used to cover Economy travel costs. Visa costs, accommodation and subsistence will not be covered by these funds.

As part of the online registration you will be asked to include the following in the fields provided:
- A letter of interest with a brief resume (max 10 text lines)
- current research interests (max 200 words + max 3 references)
- an explanation of how this course will help you achieve your scientific goals
- a description of a mini-project for the course (please indicate the materials/equipment necessary)

For more information about the course please email the Course Organizer with a message header  stating
“Application for EMBO practical course on 3D Developmental Imaging”

Selected students will be encouraged to bring their own materials (eg., embryos, stains etc) to study, but are required to obtain the authorization for bringing biological materials (fixed & stained materials can be sent prior to the course). Preparation of fixed embryos can be done locally.

For observation of live embryos, we have facilities for rearing sea urchin, drosophila, zebra-fish, chick and mouse embryos, though other models may be possible upon request.







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