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1 - 9 October | 2010 |Oeiras |Portugal

About the Practical Course


Registration is now open for the 3rd edition of the course (2012)


Interest in 3D microscopy imaging started mostly after the popularization of the confocal microscope in the 90’s, and has been gaining increasing interest with the fast pace of development of new imaging techniques. Many of these facilitate the acquisition of detailed images of cell behavior inside whole embryos (eg., Multiphoton, SPIM/DSLM, OPT).


Visualization, processing and analysis of multidimensional images is also now facilitated thanks to the development of high-end PC and graphics processing units, as well as the appearance of free and commercial 3D image analysis software.

Click HERE to see some of the results of the previous edition of the course.

This practical course is focused on addressing all these aspects of 3D imaging, with special emphasis on their application to the study of Developmental Biology.  It iis aimed at young researchers engaged in Developmental Biology research, interested in answering specific questions that require observation of cell movement and tissue morphogenesis in whole embryos, which are particularly difficult using conventional optical microscopy techniques. 

Participants will have the opportunity to learn and test state-of-the-art techniques/protocols for imaging whole embryos (both fixed and live), and are expected to apply the techniques to their experimental model of choice, obtain high quality 3D images, learn to manage, process and analyse multi-dimensional data-sets, and learn strategies for publishing 3D images/movies.


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