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Post-translational modifications of proteins: from discovery to functional analysis






22- 24 August| 2010 |Uppsala| Sweden

About the Conference Series


The course will teach participants about approaches to identifying post-translational modifications, including mass spectrometry analyses, and detail methods for elucidating the cellular roles of these modifications.  Demonstrations and tutorials in the latest techniques for data analysis and bioinformatics applications will also be held.

Course Topics Include:

•  Mass Spectrometry Basics
•   Sample Preparation and Separation Techniques
•   Bioinformatics and Database Searches
•   Use of 2D Gels for Protein Profiling
•   Analysis Phosphorylation and Glycosylation by MS
•   Manual Interpretation of ETD Spectra
•   Quantitative Proteomics
•   Pathway Analysis of Proteomics Data
•   Applications in Current Research


The course is aimed at new post-doctoral researchers and senior PhD students who have an interest/need and some experience in studying post-translational modifications. Participants should have some exposure to mass spectrometry techniques, along with a basic understanding of protein chemistry and biochemistry.

The organizers of this course have extensive experience in mass spectrometry techniques and understand the importance of their use for understanding post-translational modifications. We have assembled a diverse group of lecturers that includes prominent researchers in the field who will be able to pass along some of their experiences and knowledge. We have also included younger lecturers who are well-versed in the latest techniques and will be able to encourage the students in the next stages of their careers.

We look forward to welcoming you to Uppsala

The Organisers


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