Practical Course

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The combination of electron microscopy and x-ray crystallography for the structure determination of large biological complexes






18 - 24 October | 2009 |Grenoble| France

About the Practical Course


This six-day course will be given at the Partnership For Structural Biology (PSB) in Grenoble, France, and will cover the major aspects of:

Use of- Iterative fitting of atomic models into EM 3D maps for pseudo-atomic model building.
EM 3D maps as models for X-ray molecular replacement.
The course aims to train junior investigators in both fields (electron microscopy and X-ray crystallography) to carry out their combined use in their home institutes.
The participants will be introduced to underlying theoretical aspects of the used methods but emphasis will be given to the practical work and problem solving.
  We look forward to seeing you in Grenoble!
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