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Currently viewing: 14-20 September | 2008 | Saint Aubin| France

About the Practical Course

The automation of X-ray crystal structure determination has opened the field to an ever-increasing audience of molecular biologists.

This has made macromolecular crystallography an interdisciplinary science, but many novices still stumble along the way to structure determination. This course will provide the tools to remove most of these stumbling blocks.

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The course aims to give a basic understanding of the determination of a macromolecular structure by X-ray crystallography.


The programme will guide the participants through the process of crystallization, X-ray data collection, structure determination and validation/interpretation.

Practicals on crystallization and hands-on data collection on a state-of-the art synchrotron beamline will be combined with tutorials and lectures from experts in the field.

Facilities will be provided for participants to present their own research and to consult experts to overcome any obstacles they encounter.

At the end of the course
participants should feel
confident enough to complete the
determination of their own
crystal structures.

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course poster