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Currently viewing: 14 - 22 June| 2007 |Oeiras| Portugal

About the Practical Course

Advances in microscopy and electronics have opened new windows for viewing live cells.
New tools like spectral confocal, two-photon, fast scanning and deconvolution are making it possible to learn from biological systems as never before.

This course will focus on imaging living cells, one of the most demanding applications in microscopy.

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The course will start on the 14th June at 15:00 with a small reception at which time you can pick up your course material.

The work during the week will be divided into 17 hours of theoretical classes and more than 20 hours of practicals.

5 hours, covering image processing, will help you to have nice pictures for the last group presentation.

All this will be done before distribution of prizes for the best Ice Breaker® and The Farewell Dinner

Deadline for Applications:  30 April 2007






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