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European Molecular Biology Organization


Bioinformatics Training Workshop : Tools, Resources and Applications

13 - 24 June, 2011 | Tangier | Morocco

About the Lecture Course


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Research in Health and plant sciences increasingly involves the handling of genomic techniques that typically produce large amounts of data points. Examples of such datainclude molecular marker data, gene expression data, metabolite data, protein data, etc. To extract meaningful information from genomic data, special Bioinformatics methods are required.


The course will focus on reviews Bioinformatics tools and ressources and also on advanced fundamental algorithms and methods used in Bioinformatics and their applications in genome studies.


The main objective of this intensive course is to strengthen capacities of students and young scientists in Bioinformatics and large-scale genome data analyses skills.



The course aims at offering senior researchers an opportunity to broaden and strengthen their understanding of recent scientific advances and new methodologies to improve the reliability their research and the efficiency of resource allocation for selection programs.


The principle objectives of the course are to familiarize scientist with bioinformatics skills and to encourage multi-disciplinarily by introducing:

  1. Resources and Tools in Bioinformatics,
  2. Advanced fundamental algorithms in bioinformatics,
  3. Application in genome analyses, interactomes,
  4. Recent knowledge acquired from genomes studies.



We look forward to welcoming you to Tangier!

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