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From Molecular Mechanism to Health and Disease

16 - 20 September 2011 | Sitges, Barcelona | Spain

About the Conference Series

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The theme of this conference is to discuss molecular mechanisms of nuclear receptor signalling in health and disease.



Nuclear receptor signalling regulates the proliferation and differentiation of numerous cell types and controls the physiological functions of many tissues. 


Nuclear receptors are expressed in the vast majority of cell types ranging from stem cells and normally differentiated cells to cancer cells and other diseased cell types. 



Target gene identification is crucial for a molecular understanding of the function of nuclear receptors and current genomic approaches will be presented.


There have been tremendous advances in our understanding of the biological roles of nuclear receptors achieved by studies of genetically modified organisms, especially mice, studies of simple model organisms and the analysis of clinical syndromes. 


Recent advances will be presented.  Finally nuclear receptors serve as excellent targets for pharmacological intervention and recent therapeutic advances will be discussed.


Abstract and registration deadline: 1st July 2011




We look forward to welcoming you to Sitges, Barcelona!


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