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16 - 20 April | 2011 |Santa Margherita di Pula| Italy





Protein translocases: Structures, mechanisms, and medical aspects


Structural views on protein translocases


Tassos Economou  GR
Protein secretion: the system-nanomachine cross-talk


Toshiya Endo  JAPAN
Structural insight into the dynamic mitochondrial protein import pathways


Irmgard Sinning  DE
SIMIBI class NTP binding proteins in protein targeting


Richard Wagner  DE

Translocation of polypeptides through protein conducting nanopores of chloroplasts, mitochondria and the endoplasmatic reticulum

Pharmacology of translocases


Stephen High  UK
The biogenesis of tail-anchored proteins: gone fishing


Carla Koehler   USA
Small molecule inhibitors of protein translocation

Parasitic translocases as potential drug targets


  Justin Boddey   AUS
Subverting the host: how malaria parasites export remodeling effector proteins into human erythrocytes

Shula Micheali   IL
Protein translocation across the ER: regulating trans-splicing and the decision of life to death in the parasitic protozoan Trypanosoma brucei

Unconventional and retrograde translocation


Davis Ng   SG
The role of transport mechanisms in protein quality control


Walter Nickel    DE
Molecular analysis of the unconventional secretory pathway of fibroblast growth factor 2

Bacterial translocases


Eitan Bibi IL
How do E. coli cells make membrane proteins


Ian Collinson    UK
Structure of the active bacterial translocon SecYEG


Arnold Driessen   NL

Mechanisms of bacterial protein translocation


Mathias Müller   DE
Following the path of twin-arginine precursor proteins across the bacterial plasma membrane

Mitochondrial translocases


Johannes Herrmann   DE
The mitochondrial disulfide relay: Protein import into the intermembrane space


Dejana Mokranjac  DE
How to get to the other side - mitochondrial TIM23 preprotein translocase


Klaus Pfanner   DE
Import and assembly of mitochondrial proteins


Rosemary Stuart USA

Oxa1 and mitochondrial protein biogenesis



Ramanujan Hegde   USA
Misregulated protein translocation in neurodegenerative disease


Katharina Strub   CH
Mechanisms of protein targeting to the endoplasmic reticulum


Gunnar von Heijne  SE
Using non-natural amino acids to probe translocon-mediated insertion of transmembrane helices

Plastidic translocases


Colin Robinson   UK
Key protein-protein interactions during Tat-dependent protein transport


Juergen Soll   DE
Cytosolic guidances and membrane passage of chloroplast precursor proteins

Peroxisomal translocases

  Ralph Erdmann   DE
The Peroxisomal Protein Import Machinery

Adabella van der Zand   NL
lluminating the peroxisomal biogenesis pathway



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