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20 - 23 June| 2011|The Burlington Hotel | Dublin | Ireland

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Cancer Proteomics 2011 - Systems Biology, Developmental  Models & Data Integration is the second event in the EMBO Conference Series on Cancer Proteomics. Whereas the scope of the first meeting was quite broad, the second will have a more specific focus on systems and mechanistic aspects of cancer biology which can be interrogated using proteomics strategies (the final event will take place in Dublin in 2013 will focus on clinical implementation in cancer proteomics).


A strong emphasis in the meeting will be on discussing the increasing development and application of quantitative proteomics technologies, which are beginning to approach global proteome coverage in model systems of cancer biology. In addition, a significant portion of the programme will be dedicated to the integrated analysis of these complex datasets.


The Conference will be organised according to the following topics:


Quantitative proteomics in cancer systems biology I– cells and tissues


Developmental model systems and cancer stem cells


Quantitative proteomics in cancer systems biology II – biofluids


Data integration I – Cellular signalling networks


Protein complexes and protein-protein interaction networks


Data integration II – global views of cancer processes


Connecting systems approaches to clinical use

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Additional information about Cancer Proteomics and the EMBO Conference Series on Cancer Proteomics can be found in the meeting report describing the first event in the series – Cancer Proteomics 2009 - Mechanistic Insights, Technological Advances & Molecular Medicine


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