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EMBO Conference Series on Systems Dynamics of Intracellular Communication



Systems Dynamics of Intracellular Communication

15 - 19 May | 2011 | Engelberg | Switzerland

Confirmed Speakers



Ruedi Aebersold

Analysis of Protein Modules and Interaction Networks via Quantitative Mass Spectrometry

Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH) (CH)


Yves Barral

Spindle Orientation and Spindle Asymmetry during Asymmetric Cell Division: Facts and Conceptual Challenges

Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH) (CH)


Leah Edelstein-Keshet

Modeling the Polarization and Motility of Crawling Cells

University of British Columbia (CA)


Britta Eickholt

Spatial and Temporal Control of PTEN Function and PI3K Signalling in Neurons

Kings College London (UK)


Johan Elf

Probing Intracellular Kinetics at the Level of Single Molecules

Uppsala University (SE)


Mike Fainzilber

Length Sensing Mechanisms in Neurons and Large Eukaryote Cells

Weizmann Institute of Science (IL)


Adriaan Houtsmuller

Molecular Mechanisms of DNA Repair and Transcription Regulation

Erasmus MC (NL)


Martin Howard

Dissecting a Noisy Subcellular Concentration Gradient in Fission Yeast

John Innes Centre (UK)


Carlos Ibanez

Signal Decoding by the P75 Neurotrophic Receptor

Karolinska Institute (SE)


Naoyuki Inagaki

A Quantitative Description of Neurite Length-Sensing and Neurite Outgrowth Involved in Neuronal Symmetry Breaking

Nara Institute of Science and Technology (JP)


Tarun Kapoor

Examining Mechanisms that Determine the Position of the Cell Division Plane

Rockefeller University (US)


U. Benjamin Kaupp

Kinetic Resolution of Single-Molecule Events during Chemotaxis

The Center of Advanced European Studies and Research (Caesar) (DE)


Boris Kholodenko

Signalling Ballet in Four Dimensions

University College Dublin (IE)


Judith Klumperman

Studying the Endo-Lysosomal System by Correlative Microscopy

Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht (UMC) (NL)


Daniel Lew

Polarity Establishment in Yeast

Duke University (US)


Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz

Actin Arcs Underlie Leading Edge Advance of Migrating Cells

National Institutes of Health (US)


Satyajit 'Jitu' Mayor

Active Spatiotemporal Organization of Cell Surface Molecules Templated by Cortical Actin: A New Paradigm for the Construction of Membrane Domains in Living Cell Membranes

The National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS) (IN)


Tobias Meyer

Local Ca2+ Signals Control Cell Migration

Stanford University School of Medicine (US)


Kimberly Mowry

Molecular Motors:  Directing Traffic during RNA Localization in the Cell Cytoplasm

Brown University (US)


Francois Nedelec

Microtubule Organization in the Xenopus Meiotic Spindle

European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) (DE)


Pernille Rorth

Guidance of Collective Cell Migration

The Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB) (SG)


Giampietro Schiavo

A New Mechanism of Synaptic Homeostasis

London Research Institute (UK)


John D. Scott

Cell Signaling in Space and Time

University of Washington School of Medicine (US)


Chairs and Discussion Leaders



Valeria Cavalli

University of Washington School of Medicine (US)


Elizabeth Fisher

Institute of Neurology, UCL (UK)


Karsten Kruse

Saarland University (DE)


Andre Levchenko

Johns Hopkins University (US)


Alan Tartakoff

Case Western Reserve University (US)


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