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15 - 17 June | 2009 | Cambridge | United Kingdom

About the Conference Series


Final Call for Registrations: April 30th, 2009

Please note:
- All non-residential places have now been filled.
- There are some residential places still available.


The focus of this conference will be the interface between stem cell research and systems biology.

This is a young and still unexplored area, but one that promises to bring major advances in our comprehension of regenerative biology.


The conference will bring together leading experts from the worlds of modeling and synthetic biology in bacteria, yeast and eukaryotic cells on one hand with stem cell biologists grappling with the complexity of cell fate transition and commitment on the other.

The themes for the three days of the conference will be:

- cell fate decisions

- plasticity and pluripotency

- synthetic biology



We look forward to seeing
you in Cambridge!

The Organizing Committee

Speakers from different disciplines are intermingled in the sessions to promote communication and cross-fertilization.

In addition we will select 8 speakers for short talks based on submitted abstracts in order to capture new developments and networking and discussion opportunities will be enhanced by 2 poster sessions.


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