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26 - 30 August | 2009 | Regensburg | Germany

About the Conference Series


Ribosomes, the cellular factories for proteins, are among the most intricate molecular assemblies in the cell. Ribosome biogenesis is tightly regulated and requires the coordinated activity of many cellular processes.


In eukaryotes these include transcription by all three nuclear RNA polymerases, rRNA processing, r-protein assembly and the transient interaction with many snoRNPs and non-ribosomal protein factors.


- Regulation and mechanism of rRNA synthesis 
- Dynamics of rDNA structure
- rRNA processing 
- Pre-ribosome quality control and degradation
- Nuclear export
- Enzymatic activities in ribosome maturation
- Structure and function rDNA transcription machinery
- snoRNP structure, formation and function
- Ribosome assembly pathway
- Pre-ribosome and ribosome structure
- Links between ribosomes, disease and aging

The goal of this conference series is to bring together scientists working on the different aspects of ribosome biogenesis.


One major intention is to understand how the many individual steps and processes leading to production of mature ribosomes are coupled and coordinated, potentially allowing their integration into comprehensive models. Possible medical relevances of defects in ribosome biogenesis are also considered.


We look forward to seeing you in Regensburg!

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