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6 - 13 September | 2009 | Primošten | Croatia

Scientific Programme



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Sunday 6th        
Registration 12:00
  18:00 DINNER
Opening 19:30 Organizers Opening notes  
19:50 J. Radler Dedication of the conference  
20:20 H. Gaub Opening talk  
Welcome Drink 21:00 Congress Center
   Instalation of Poster session I and the exhibition
Monday 7th TIME NAME TITLE a
Adhesion 09:00 B. Geiger Involvement of cell adhesion in environmental sensing  
09:35 HG. Dobereiner Morphology of Membranes, Mice, and Molds  
09:55 H. Aranda-Espinoza Cellular blebs control the early stage of cell spreading  
10:15 P. Bongrand Early dynamics of cell-surface interactions a
10:50 BREAK
11:20 M. Dustin Signal initiation and termination in the immunological synapse formed at a cell-planar bilayer interface  
11:55 F.Rehfeldt Biocompatible and Mechanically Tunable Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels to Mimic In Vivo Microenvironments in 2D and 3D  
12:15 A. Curtis Spontaneous and forced dancing of the cell’s plasmolemma  
12:50 LUNCH
Mechanoresponse 14:30 S. Safran Cellular response to mechanical stress – theory    
15:05 S. Gabriele Viscoelastic and Adhesive Properties of Individual Neuron Cells  
15:25 R. Kemkemer Temporal aspects of Cellular mechano-responses  
15:45 C. Schmidt Mechanosensing  
16:20 BREAK
18:00 U. Schwartz Shape and forces of cells on micropatterned substrates  
18:35 S. Jeney Membrane viscoelasticity of living bladder cells studied by Photonic Force Microscopy  
Poster talks 18:55 P. Davidson Microstructured Surfaces Cause Severe but Non-Detrimental Deformation of the Cell Nucleus  
M. Reffay
Sociology of epithelial cells: follow the leader  
19:15 F. Rico
Temperature modulation of integrin mediated cell adhesion
19:25 J. Etienne
Dynamics of initial spreading of a cell on a substrate
19:35 D. Cuvelier Spreading dynamics: From single cells to ball of cells  
19:45 DINNER
Poster I 21:00 Congress Center
Exhibition 21:00 Congress Center
Tuesday 8th TIME NAME TITLE a
Membranes 09:00 F. Brochard-Wyart
Aspiration of soft objects: from polymersomes to cellular aggregates 
09:35 P. Ziherl Morphology of simple cell aggregates  
09:55 M. Abkarian Fast elastic ejection of malaria parasites from erythrocytes  
10:15 D. Andelman
Beyond standard Poisson-Boltzmann theory: ion-specific interactions between charged surfaces and macromolecules 
10:50 BREAK
ECM 11:20 P. Pincus Polyelectrolyte rigidity  
11:55 H. Böhm Micromechanical properties and stretching of pericellular coat of living cells  
12:15 O. Lielig Selective filtering of particles by the Extracellular Matrix: An electrostatic bandpass  
12:35 L. Addadi Surface dependent regulation of osteoclast activity   
13:10 LUNCH a
Cytoskeleton / Motors 14:30 A. Bausch
Cytoskeletal mechanics: Structure and Dynamics
15:05 A. Vilfan Twirling motion of actin filaments driven by myosins  
15:25 A. Parmeggiani Tubular lipid membrane instabilities under mechano-chemical constraints and protein coupling mediated by critical modes  
15:45 C. Haussinger
Statics and Dynamics of Cytoskeletal Bundles and Microtubules
16:05 BREAK
18:00 E. Frey Conformation and Dynamics of Biopolymer Assemblies   
F. Höfling Entanglement Dynamics of Stiff Biopolymers  
I. Tolic-Norrelykke Self-organization of dynein motors generates meiotic nuclear oscillations  
N. Pavin Reliable centering of dynamic microtubule asters in microfabricated chambers by pulling forces  
19:40 DINNER
Informal discussions 21:00
Congress centre
Tasting of south Croatian wines
Continuation of Poster session I and  Exhibition
Wednesday 9th TIME NAME TITLE a
Active systems 09:00 D. Bensimon
Single cell physiology: Optical control of protein expression and activity at the single cell level; 
applications to morphogenesis in zebrafish
09:35 F. Jülicher Dynamics of Tissues  
10:10 J. Prost Simple examples of tissue dynamics  
10:45 F. MacKintosh
Cytoskeletal networks and active gels: implications for cell mechanics and dynamics
Excursion 11:30 Excursion
Šibenik (cathedral) - Krka National Park - Split (Diocletians palace)
19:00 Free evening in Split
 No dinner in the hotel
Return to Primošten by bus at 21:00,  22:00,  24:00  (timings subject to changes)
Dismantling of Poster session I and installation of Poster session II
Thursday 10th TIME NAME TITLE a
Single molecules 09:00 E. Evans Forces in Cell Adhesion: From surface bonds outside to cytoskeletal bonds inside a cell  
09:35 A. Noy Probing near-equilibrium binding with molecular force spectroscopy  
09:55 U. Seifert Stochastic Thermodynamics in Biophysical systems: Theory and Experiment   
10:30 BREAK
11:00 T. Springer The shear-sensor domain in the ultra-large protein, von Willebrand factor  
11:35 B. Zagrovich Studying protein-protein interactions using computer simulations: from specific effects to protein ecology a
11:55 A. Krukau MD Simulations of the kinesin conformational changes.  
12:15 LUNCH
 DNA 14:00 R. Podgornik
14:35 O. Farago Simulations of self-assembly of cationic lipids and DNA into structured complexes  
14:55 S. Tomic Dielectic spectroscopy of biopolymers   
15:30 H. Strey
Single cell mRNA extraction and expression analysis using droplet microfluidics 
16:05 BREAK
Poster talks  18:00 T. Boudou Internal structure and mechanical properties of polyelectrolyte multilayer films  
18:10 P. Fernandez
The compaction of gels by cells: a case of collective mechanical activity
18:20 P. Reffe Sociology of epithelial cells: follow the leader ?  
18:30 T. Auth
Budding and vesiculation induced by conical membrane inclusions
H. Delanoy-Ayari
Three dimensional traction force microscopy
G. Massiera
High-yield, simple, fast and robust method for the production of controlled vesicles
19:00 DINNER
Poster II 20:00 Poster session 2 Congress Center
Friday 11th TIME NAME TITLE a
Motility and adhesion 09:00 R. Merkel Cell forces and mechanosensing  
09:35 M. Dembo Continuum Models of Amoeboid Motility   
10:10 R. Endres How accurately can cells sense noisy concentration gradients? a
10:30 BREAK
11:00 M. Sheetz Adhesion depends heavily on nano-clustering  
11:35 K. Kroy Nonlinear Cell Mechanics Is Plastic Mechanics  
11:55 A. Ben Shaul Molecular aspects of cadherin mediated cell-cell adhesion  
12:30 LUNCH
Cell mechanics 14:00 R. Kamm Computational models of cytoskeletal rheology  
14:35 A. Viallat Red blood cells in an oscillating shear flow: a story of synchronization of membrane rotation  
14:55 O. Theodoly
15:15 P. Janmey
15:50 BREAK
Intracellular processes 18:00 G. Gerisch Actin waves in living cells – – only a game of nature? a
D. Heinrich Intracellular transport phenomena influenced by the micro and nano-architecture of living cells  
A. Gamba Phase ordering in eukaryotic chemotaxis  
I. Weber
Monitoring the dynamics of Rac proteins in Dictyostelium discoideum
20:05 DINNER
Informal Discussions 21:00  
Congress centre
Tasting of north Croatian wines
Continuation of Poster session II
Saturday 12th TIME NAME TITLE a
Virus 09:00 W. Gelbart Viral budding – Exocytosis involving nucleocapsids from the cytoplasm  
Honorable Chair:
C. Knobler
09:35 V. Lorman Physics of icosahedral viruses: capsid structure, self-assembly and maturation  
  09:55 R. Bruinsma How does your virus grow  
10:30 F. Livolant Bacteriophage and toroidal DNA  
11:05 BREAK
Adhesion 11:35 M. Tanaka Physical Roles of Oligo and Polysaccharides in Modulation at Cell/Cell and Cell/Tissue Interfaces a
12:10 E. Reister Thermal membrane fluctuations: the impact on specific adhesion  
12:30 S. Fenz Evolution of receptor distribution following specific inter-membrane adhesion  
12:50 LUNCH
Membranes 14:30 H. Möhwald Stimulated and remote controlled intercellular release of drugs to follow cellular functions  
Honorable Chair: 15:05 T. Weikl Binding cooperativity of membrane adhesion receptors  
S. Svetina 15:25 P. Bassereau Role of curvature in intracellular trafficking  
16:00 BREAK
16:30 P. Schwille
  17:05 J. Guck    
Poster Prize 17:25 Best Posters Sponsored by EPJE
Presented by
S. Tomic
18:00 Diismantling of Poster Session II
Party 20:00 Party E. Sackmann's Birthday Party
Sunday 13th TIME NAME TITLE a
Active systems 09:00 R. Lipowsky
Molecular motors: Energy Conversion, Cargo Transport, and Traffic Phenomena
09:35 J. Käs
Feeling for Cells with Light: Illuminating the Role of Biomechanics for Cancer Metastasis 
Final Talk 10:10 E. Sackmann
Microtubule-actin cross-talk as cell stress sensor and dynamic global cell stabilizer
Closing 11:00 Organisers a



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