Conference Series

European Molecular Biology Organization

EMBO Conference Series on Spatial Dynamics of Intracellular Signaling


Overcoming distance in signaling networks

15th - 19th March, 2009 | Maale HaChamisha | Jerusalem Hills |Israel

Speakers & Topics


* Up to 20 additional talks will be selected from abstract submissions.

The deadline for registration and abstract submission is: January 19th, 2009


(in alphabetical order)

Viki Allan

Co-Operation Between Microtubule Motors

Philippe Bastiaens

Imaging Spatial Propagation Modes of Cell signals

Leah Edelstein-Keshet (Vancouver)

 Signalling By Rho Gtpases And Phosphoinositides In Eukaryotic Cell Polarity


Richard Firtel
(San Diego)

Regulation Of Directional Sensing Through The Spatiotemporal Control Of Ras


Elizabeth Fisher

A Genetic  Approach to Understanding the Dynein Complex

Jeffrey Gerst

Targeted Mrna Trafficking And Its Role In Protein Localization, Organelle Biogenesis, And Cell Growth In Yeast


David Ginty

Retrograde Signals Controlling Development of Neurons in the Pns

John Hancock

Plasma Membrane Microstructure and Two-Dimensional Control of Signal Transduction

David Holcman

 A Quantitative Analysis Of Neurite Outgrowth


Boris Kholendenko

Spatio-Temporal Coding of Signal Specificity


Henry Krause

Subcellular Localization Of The Transcriptome- Implications And Functions


Karsten Kruse

Self-Organization Of Min Proteins In Vitro And In Vivo

Andre Levchenko

Regulation of Spatial Signaling by Molecular Scaffolds

Petra Levin
(St. Louis)

A Metabolic Sensor Governing Cell Size

Janni Peterson
(St. Louis)

Tor Signalling and Size Control in Fission Yeast

Anne Ridley

Roles of Rho Gtpase Signalling in Leukocyte Polarity and Migration

Rosalind Segal

Bdnf and Chemotaxis of Neural Precursors


Stanislav Shvarstman

 Map kinase Substrate Competition Integrates Patterning Signals In The Drosophila Embryo


Stelling Joerg

Mechanistic Model Development under Uncertainty

Ernst Stelzer

Light Sheet Based Fluorescence Microscopes (Lsfm, Spim, Dslm) Reduce Phototoxic Effects By Several Orders Of Magnitude


John Tyson


Design Principles of Biochemical Oscillators

Jose Vilar
(New York)

Intracellular Noise and Long-Range Interactions on Dna

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