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EMBO Conference Series on Spatial Dynamics of Intracellular Signaling


Overcoming distance in signaling networks

15th - 19th March, 2009 | Maale HaChamisha | Jerusalem Hills |Israel

About the Conference

** The deadline for abstract submissions is : January 19th, 2009

This conference focuses on mechanisms of propagation of intracellular signals and information over distances within cells,

and it follows an EMBO/FEBS/ISF Workshop on this topic held in March 2007.


We are happy that EMBO has decided to establish these meetings as a Conference Series.


The 2009 Meeting will also be co-sponsored by FEBS and the ISF & Misrahi Foundation.


As in the previous meeting, we aim to have a balance between different disciplines and topics, with particular emphasis on complementation of theory and mathematical models with experimental approaches.

We hope that you will join this multidisciplinary conference to meet and discuss the issues outlined above together with leading scientists from many different fields.

As before, approximately 50% of the talks will be selected from abstract submissions.


The deadline for abstract submissions is: January 19th, 2009.

FEBS will provide up to 15 YTF grants to support participation of PhD students and young postdoctoral fellows in the meeting. For details and conditions of these grants please go here:


Eligible applicants should contact the conference secretariat by e-mail to
providing all required information together with their abstract submission to the meeting.



Further updates will be posted on this website and via e-mail.

With thanks for your interest in SPATIAL 2009,

Mike Fainzilber
Giampietro Schiavo
Boris Kholodenko

Co-organizers, SPATIAL 2009














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