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Conference Series  
Currently viewing: September 22nd - 26th | 2007 |Riva del Garda| Italy

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About the Conference Series

This conference is part of a series supported by
EMBO and the RUBICON Network
(funded by the 6th Framework of the EU).


The scientific sessions of the conference include the following topics:

Ubiquitin/Ubiquitin-like conjugation and deconjugation
Ubiquitin/Ubiquitin-like proteins in regulatory processe
Ubiquitin/Ubiquitin-like proteins and subcellular compartments

Selected oral presentations of participants are included in the scientific sessions.

In addition, sufficient time for poster presentations will be granted and the schedule will leave enough time for intense discussions between speakers and participants.



(Riva del Garda photos courtesy of Gardaweb)






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