EMBO Molecular Medicine Conference:
"Common Molecular Mechanisms of Mammary
Gland Development and Breast Cancer Progression"

6th - 8th June | 2006 |Dublin| Ireland


Programme (overview)

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Monday 5th June 2006 (evening)

Welcome Reception


Tuesday 6th June 2006

Session 1: Mammary epithelial cells and their environment

Session 2: Omic approaches in breast cancer

Wednesday 7th June 2006

Session 3: Invasion, metastasis and recurrence

EMBO BioTethEd Session: an encounter with bioethics

"A component of the BioTethed project, and facilitated by the EMBO
Science & Society programme".

Session 4: Susceptibility genes and biomarkers in breast cancer

Thursday 8th June 2006

Session 5: COST action B20 session: Therapeutic implications and future directions

The EMBO Molecular Medicine Lecture







An EMBO conference held jointly with ESF COST B20 Action: Mammary Gland Development, Function and Cancer