EMBO Molecular Medicine Conference:
"Common Molecular Mechanisms of Mammary
Gland Development and Breast Cancer Progression"

6th - 8th June | 2006 |Dublin| Ireland





About the Conference:

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The full Meeting Report is now available!

We will be holding Five sessions over 3 days focusing on:

1. Mammary epithelial cells and their environment

2. “Omics” approaches in breast cancer

3. Invasion, metastasis and recurrence

4. Susceptibility genes and biomarkers in breast cancer

5. Therapeutic implications and future directions


Highlighted session:
EMBO BioTethEd Session: an encounter with bioethics

"A component of the BioTethed project, and facilitated by the EMBO Science & Society programme".

(Taking place on Wednesday, 7th June,
see programme












An EMBO conference held jointly with ESF COST B20 Action: Mammary Gland Development, Function and Cancer